Regenerative Farm Workshop per person


The Business of a Regenerative Farm

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Mark Gardner from Vanguard Business Services Dubbo for this enlightening  2 Day workshop- Mark will share his experience with what the critical factors are that need to be considered and managed to create & operate a Regenerative Farm Business. Some of the questions and aspects to consider-

  • Basics of improving land capacity/ conditions?
  • Cost of Production for each enterprise – what costs are included and what aren’t? Can we operate in advance, not in arrears?
  • The Marginal reaction of paying down debt with investments/ or cash flow/ other income?
  • What is a reasonable profit? How much is enough? What is the bare minimum- How do we stay in business longterm?
  • Drought fund- %  of earnings/ GST refunds/ other strategies- What is the drought plan/ policy?
  • Do we allocate a % of profit to drought?
  • Future planning- retirement & succession- so the property is not your retirement plan and your will is not the succession plan
  • How much do we reinvest in the ag business- a % from each transaction?
  • How much is invested elsewhere- off-farm/ invested/ social enterprises/ regen initiatives. (Good Circular economy investments? )


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