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 Welcome to our page for Farmers- where we share resources and ideas about Natural Ag practices. 

Earlier in 2022, I chatted to Kathryn Walton for her podcast ‘Speak Out Loud: Stories of Strength’. A snapshot about unchosen change, the choices we have, drought, land mgt, the value of groups, values based decision making… and we touch on the Outback  Way project- a project I have been working on for 20yrs- as an example collaboration and choice.

Are you interested in Regenerative Ag practices but finding yourself busy working on the farm  (in the Business -WITB) – and not getting to doing the research for the changes you want to make? (Work on the Business- WOTB)

After 17 years of training farmers transitioning to regenerative practices, it is clear to me 80% of creating a regenerative farm is in the way you think.

To get you started, I have created a Weekly WOTB – 1 Question, punchy info and 1 Activity + access to a FREE monthly Q & A call with me. Delivered FREE to your inbox every Week, over 12 weeks.

The WOTB gives you a nudge about what to observe & tweak so your environmental impact lets your land thrive.

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How we apply the Tools...

….to create what we want on Picots Farm. The Universal tool box has 3 main compartments- Technology, Time & Living Organisms. We consider which tool or what combination. will be best to do the job, create the vibrant farm we want and is in line with how we want to live.

Technology: (Includes the match- fire)  It seems technology is being held up as the answer to change practices & adapt to climate change. Their is no doubt their are some very fancy gadgets, apps and toys out there for farmers with technology fast tracking the impact…. but lets just get back to basics- what kind of impact do we want? For us we want- Covered soil, biologically active soil, and to be solving the root cause… so if the use of Technology helps us to do this we will use it, often a combination of tools gets the best outcome.

Time:  we can mange time- land is grazed or unmanaged…we plan recovery time for plants. We also plan/ manage our time we spend using technology or managing.

Living organisms: We use livestock, diversity of plants and animals and any biologically active inputs. 

Resources & Links

Books: Cows save the Planet– by Judith Schwartz, Holistic Management a common Sense Revolution to Restore our Environment– Allan Savory, Jody Butterfield. ‘What your Food Ate’- David J Montgomery and Anita Bilke. 

Podcasts: The Financial Bloke- Ben Law  The Ranchland Podcast- Alejandro Carrillo ( Visiting Australia in Aug/Sept) Video. Land to Market Podcast – USA 

Websites/Links: https://landtomarket.com.au/about.php , https://www.hmeducators.com.au/find-an-event-or-course.php

EVENTS: Holistic Mgt Pittsworth Qld May 2023, Decisions Made Easy- Woodford May 2023.   Alejandro Carrillo  (Australian tour- Aug-Sept 2023- Longreach and other places TBC )