“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates

As we need food everyday-  3 times a day…

With every choice we make, every dollar we spend on the food we eat-

  • We are endorsing HOW it was produced, and
  • We’re supporting WHO produced it.
  • Know your Farmer – Know your Food
  • Find good food – verify methods of production with good questions.  


Food from the Source- Consumer Guide

Local Food -Glorious Food

We have a great variety of food on the Southern Downs- the Warwick area has lots of meat, eggs, salad and vegies produced by family farmers – producing chemical free produce. Further south towards Stanthorpe we have cheeses, wines, local beer, fruit and also vegetables & salads..  SOUTHERN DOWNS FOOD MAP LINK



How to cook Grass Fed Beef- download our


Nature of the Beast Guide

  What is GOOD food- Nutrient Density or Integrity?

So what food is good for you? A few years ago I wanted to explore the idea of testing our meat for nutrient density compared to supermarket beef, although there are now gadgets you can use to scan meat and other products with infrared to check the density of nutrients… interestingly this does not mean the food will be good for YOU… in a conversation I had with Walter Jehne  he suggested that the only  claim farmers who grow chemical free food- clean soil, clean plants, clean animals/produce.. is that their produce has nutrient integrity as no chemicals have broken down the molecular structure and nutrients within the food. However nutrient density relies on the gut health of the person eating the food.. the better gut health we have, the more nutrients we absorb from the food we eat- so good gut health is the determining factor of whether the food you eat is nutrient dense or not. 

 Dr Diana Rodgers- Sustianbale Dish and author of Sacred Cow..   also has some great food nutrient information

The Dirty Dozen- produce that you probably wantt to source from a chemical free farmer or grow your own. 

Dr Zach Bush–  a doctor connecting human health with soil/environmental health. 

Dr Gundula Rhoades-  vet and author of  ” The Food Solution”          What nutrients our body needs and what ailments are caused from deficiencies. How to improve our wellbeing. 

RECIPES- Family favourites 

Brisket or beef cheeks recipe

Click on title to download recipe.