Our Story

Picots Farm – Our family is 4th generation and have been on Picots Farm for 80 years. From the year 2000, improved grazing practices were adopted, to allow plants to recover. Since 2012 we have been managing holistically- which incorporates values based decision making and planned grazing. We implement the Grazing Plan by moving animals into a fresh paddock and ensuring adequate recovery of plants. These moves are managed and planned. With planned grazing Picots Farm can produce chemical free grass fed beef- directly marketed to families.                                                                                                                                                                Additional trials into regenerative practices- such as natural sequence farming-2021and direct drilling forage grasses into paddocks without ploughing, artificial fertiliser or chemicals- 2020.  We have also been monitoring our lands health with annual biological monitoring since 2010- you can join us for our Annual Biological monitoring in February every year. 

It is important to us that our decisions are in line with our values and we take action towards our preferred future. This is what we want our land to be like well into the future- a work in progress… 

Our Land at its best is… 

Benefitting from regenerative practices- enabling our soil, water cycle, mineral cycle and diversity to thrive.  Soil that is biologically healthy & productive. . A balance of livestock and wildlife . Perennial pastures with 100% groundcover, grassed open woodlands, lots of shade. Healthy happy stock. Diverse species, age & structure of plants and animals. Natural seeps/ springs flowing, our water supply is flexible. Dams with reeds, they are healthy & clean to swim in.

In addition to being the co-owner of Picots Farm, Helen is an Holistic Management Accredited Professional Educator with the Savory Institute, Boulder, Colorado, USA. I have been training families since 2003.

If you are interested in making better decisions with clarity, confidence and a sense of calm-  as the outcome- ensures you, the people in your life, the environment and your prosperity can thrive…head over to Decision Design Hub… for more information or download  the PEP talk

Sharing our knowledge and experience with holistic management- 

Direct Drilling Trial Album- April 2020

Winter Forage Direct Drilled

We have completed a direct drilling cropping trial with Landcare and Southern Qld Landscapes, which means we have put 11 different seeds direct into an ungrazed, unploughed paddock with no chemical or synthetic fertilisers. Saving us time and money. The germination was very good and the forage held on throughout the winter. The grazing value benefitted our Bulls that went in to the paddock in late September. Growing roots through winter feeds the soil microbes and increases diversity of species. This trial was just as much about enhancing soil biology as it was about growing something for our feed gap in Sept/ Oct before summer rain.