Picots Farm

Working with Nature

Thanks for popping by Picots Farm. Our farm is 1000acre, 25km west of Warwick on The Darling Downs,  Queensland.



Picots Farm is owned by 4th Generation Graziers’.  Our family have been here for 80 years. We run Brangus cattle and we manage holistically.

Our landscape is a mix of productive black soil flats, rising up to undulating hills with magnificent views of the region through to Cunningham’s Gap.

We have large stands of timber, birdlife and truly beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

We support our local food producers on the Southern Downs & you can too! Fill your dinner plate with all locally grown & produced food from the FOOD MAP.

Take up one of the opportunities to visit the farm and find out how we manage. We also host various workshops – any number of those may take your fancy. 

We look forward to hearing from you

What we offer:

  • Workshops for:- nurturing your interests & passions, Regen-Ag Business improvement, & personal growth & wellbeing.
  • Visit the Farm-  and learn more about regenerative farming practices.
  • Experience the Woolshed
  • Birthday & Christmas Gift tags designed by our so
  • Click on the Food Page for recipes and information about the food we eat and what makes it good for us

Later in 2021 we will be offering Natural Grass Fed Beef (chemical free) for families to enjoy. 


100% Grass-Fed Chemical Free Cattle

Our livestock are 100% grass-fed, being moved into fresh paddocks based on our holistic grazing plan, we use low-stress stock management and our animals have a relaxed and wholesome life.

We want families to enjoy natural, hormone & chemical-free, entirely grass-fed meat, aged for 20 days…  

Given the previous dry conditions in 2019, we will be back in Beef later in 2021 but take a look at the FOOD page for recipe’s, tips about food cravings and the Southern Downs Food Map.

Book a Visit to Picots Farm – Do a workshop, come for a day on the farm & walk in the bush. 

On the Farm this fortnight

  • The Herd was moved back down onto the flat, making the most of the volume of feed we have grown. 

  • Rain and storms about

  • Arranging workshops for 2021

  • Updating the Website

We'd love to hear from you

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